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When you visit our website, various types of information are collected, including the IP address from which you access the site, the version and type of browser used to access the site, the operating system used, the domains and the time of the request. This information does not enable us to identify the identity of the user and this is not our objective. We use the information collected for statistical purposes only, mainly to improve the content and presentation of our website. Please note that we may collect additional data, such as name, postal and e-mail addresses and telephone number, which you provide voluntarily when browsing our site. You may also pay for and use our services using a pseudonym or anonymised data, without providing us with the aforementioned personal data.


Cookies :

This website uses cookies to collect data used for statistical purposes. Cookies are small files stored on your computer's hard drive; when you browse our site, they monitor your activity and provide us with key data to make browsing easier. If cookies are stored on your computer, you will not need to enter all the data required to access this site each time you visit it. This data enables us to customise our website to suit your tastes and needs; this is part of our overall effort to provide you with seamless access to our pages and services. If you do not wish cookies to be stored on your computer, you can use your browser settings to block cookies from our site. To find out how to configure your browser to manage cookies, please visit your browser's help centre. You can delete cookies already stored on your computer whenever you wish. Please note that blocking cookies may restrict access to certain functions on our site and result in a less streamlined experience. 


Disclosure of data to third parties:

Unless otherwise stated in this statement, all data that you share with us, or that we collect from you when you browse our site, will be kept secret and will not be disclosed to third parties, except where required by law or where the data must be passed on in order to fulfil the contractual relationship to which you have subscribed. Third party companies and associates, including online payment companies, will only have access to this data where necessary to process your order. In such cases, we will ensure that the scope of data transmission is kept to the agreed essential minimum. We also impose a strict data protection policy on the personal data you provide to us or that we find. By following this policy, we comply with the provisions of data protection legislation. Please note that we are not responsible for the data you provide to other service providers. We take steps only to ensure that any data about you provided by other service providers is provided in full compliance with the requirements of data protection and privacy laws as set out in our Privacy Policy.


Google Analytics :

Google Analytics:

This website uses Google Analytics, an analytics service operated by Google that helps sites understand how to personalise their pages to improve user experience. This service uses cookies to track your actions, including the time you spend on our site and the pages you visit. Please note that none of your personal data is collected through the use of our Google Analytics account, so we are not able to identify who visits our site. To find out more about Google Analytics, visit the official page.


Your stay at the Hotel Corona
- Registration card

Pursuant to Article R.611-42 of the Code de l'Entrée et du Séjour des Etrangers, the Customer authorises the Hotel to pre-fill the individual police form known as the "registration card" with the information obtained at the time of booking. The Customer shall check the accuracy of the pre-filled information and sign the said form on arrival.

- Pets

Although they are faithful companions, our establishment is not suitable for receiving animals. They are therefore not accepted.

- Children

Children must be supervised by their parents or a responsible adult. Customers also undertake to ensure that children under their responsibility respect the peace and quiet of the establishment at all times.

- Wi-Fi and network access

Use of Wi-Fi is free for Customers throughout the establishment.

Illegal downloading is strictly prohibited and is the Customer's responsibility. The Customer is obliged to comply with the Hotel's security policy, including the rules for using the security measures implemented to prevent the illicit use of IT resources, and to refrain from any action that undermines the effectiveness of these measures.

The Customer undertakes to ensure that the IT resources made available by the Hotel are not used in any way for the purposes of reproduction, representation, provision or communication of the Customer's personal data.

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