Bouillon Chartier, the parisian brasserie you need to go to

Bouillon Chartier, the parisian brasserie you need to go to

It’s only 10 minutes walking from your hotel room, so you’ll have no excuses not to go sitting at one of their tables covered by paper tableclothes ! Think again, the place is good and the experience, unforgettable. 

But first, let’s take a few minutes to tell you what is a “bouillon”. In 1860, Pierre-Louis Duval, a butcher at the Halles de Paris (most famous and biggest market in the capital), was looking for a way to use his meet left overs. So he created an unpretentious restaurant for workers where he only served meet "broths" (“bouillons” in French) -. And it had started. 

Camille et Edouard Chartier decided then to open their first bouillon in the Rue du temple in 1896 et very quickly a second one, on the Faubourg Montmartre, and this second one will become a true institution. “Chartier” is now 126 years old experienced address and only had 4 different owners since its opening. Parisians come here with great pleasure and tourists leave the place with amazing memories, thanks to a traditional, simple, good and cheap French cuisine. 

You’ll found a menu with French classics such as eggs and mayonnaise, vegetable soups, escargots, chicken and fries, meet stews or chocolate mousse, and the meals are very simply served. Don’t be surprise if you’re sitting with strangers who share your table, this is normal here and we love it ! You’ll also note that your waiter will write your check directly on your tableclothe

Le Bouillon Chartier has been listed historical monument in 1989 and your visit will immerse you in the 19th century Paris. High ceilings, huge mirrors on the walls, paneling, ball shaped chandeliers…  Or how to treat yourself without blowing your budget, in a Art Nouveau style building. 

Good news : if you are visiting Paris around Gare de l’Est neighborhood (15 to 20 minutes by walking distance from the hotel), you may like dining at the new Bouillon Chartier, opened there a few years ago, recreated in the exact same style as the Grands Boulevards institution. 


Practicalities : 

7 rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 9e

Ouvert 7j/7, de 11h30 à 00h, pas de réservation


Photo credits : Bouillon Chartier