New exhibition at The Conciergerie : a waking dream

New exhibition at The Conciergerie : a waking dream

The Conciergerie is open to visitors all year long (as well as the Sainte-Chappelle close by) and this time we’re taking you for a tour of the famous “salle des gents d’armes” where Théo Mercier has placed his last exhibition, “The Sleeping Chapter”. 

Push the boundaries of the Salle des Gens d’armes (literally the “armed people room”) – it was initially built as a dining room for the King of France employees when, during the Middle Ages, the royal estate was established on the Ile de la Cité – a hell of a cafeteria ! : you are now entering the biggest medieval room left in Europe ! This amazing scene is just perfet to host the third chapter of the artist Théo Mercier’s trilogy, “The Sleeping Chapter”. 

Exhibition "The Sleeping Chapter" ©Amandine Goetz

The plastic artist has created in situ fifty sculptures with « just » sand and water in this amazing room, which becomes for the occasion a kind of sleep cathedral. A perfect moment to (re)discover the monument. Pieces of architecture fall into ruin over a bed made with sand, under the supervision of a sleeping dog. Creased pillows, piled up mattresses. This exhibition is a crossing between sleep and dreams… 


An impressive vision, open until January 8th, 20223.  

Practicalities : 

La Conciergerie – 2 boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris

9:30 AM to 6 PM, last enter at 5:15PM 
The exhibition fee is included in the global ticket to visit the Conciergerie – 11,50€


Photos : Amandine Goetz