Reopening of Notre-Dame de Paris confirmed for 2024

Reopening of Notre-Dame de Paris confirmed for 2024

The fire that ravaged Notre-Dame de Paris on 15 April 2019 had also ravaged the hearts of many Parisians and visitors, attached to this must-see landmark of the capital, rich in over 800 years of history. We now know the date of the cathedral's official reopening. 

8 December 2024. Those in charge of the works have said that they will be able to meet the deadlines set for the reconstruction of the building following the fire that destroyed its roof structure. Work is currently progressing at a great pace, much to the delight of visitors who are waiting to (re)discover the world's most visited cathedral, built in the 12th century.

Chris Linnett - Unsplash

A major step forward in the renovation : the famous spire - a masterpiece of solid oak framing, based on designs by Viollet-le-Duc - is once again visible at the top of the building. It eventually reached a height of no less than 96 metres, topped by a gilded cockerel. 

In addition to the spire, the fire had completely destroyed the building's roof structure, which had to be rebuilt and consolidated once the charred stone walls had been cleaned. At the same time, specialists are cleaning and renovating the statues, gargoyles and chimeras, which were badly damaged by the flames. Finally, the great organ, with its 8,000 pipes, needs to be rebuilt.

"To restore Notre-Dame de Paris to its exemplary heritage status, we need many of the specialised crafts and heritage skills that are found in the restoration of historic monuments" explained Philippe Jost, deputy managing director of Rebâtir Notre-Dame de Paris, the public establishment set up to carry out all conservation and restoration work on the cathedral, and project manager for the restoration project. Several hundred specialists - masons, stonemasons, carpenters, roofers, sculptors, organ builders, stained-glass artists, gilders and bell makers - have been hard at work for months.

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The official reopening date to the public has been announced for 8 December 2024, but Rebâtir Notre-Dame de Paris has already announced that the building will not be fully renovated before 2029-2030.

Text : Elodie Lécadieu
Cover picture : Is@ Chessyca - Unsplash