Shopping and visits in the Passage Jouffroy

Shopping and visits in the Passage Jouffroy

During your in Paris, it is impossible for you to miss its mythical covered passages. One of our favorites is the Jouffroy passage, located between the rue Grange-Batelière and the Grands Boulevards, only 8 minutes walking from our hotel. 

As soon as we enter, we are charmed by its atmosphere... The checkerboard floor - the first with floor heating! - and the ogive glass roof set the scene for this passage built in 1846. Its structure also testifies to the technological evolution of its century and to the architects' desire to offer Parisians a clean and weatherproof place to go shopping. It was the very first Parisian passageway to be built in iron and glass, and its woodwork is only decorative.

We love its original stores like the Librairie du passage with its old books and posters, its cane store or the Maison du roi, a baroque store mixing antiques and decorations. The passage also hides the magnificent Salon des Miroirs, a former lyric estaminet converted into a luxurious reception room. But its most famous tourist attraction is surely the Musée Grévin, which houses hundreds of wax statues of the most famous French and international celebrities. 

A very nice stroll, a little out of time, isn't it ?


Practicalities : 

Address : 10-12, boulevard Montmartre - 9, rue de la Grange Batelière, 75009 Paris
Open every day from 7 am to 9:30 pm

Photo : Antoine Petitteville / Unsplash